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Since 1844, Schladerer has been distilling the finest fruits available to produce a wide range of world famous brandies and liqueurs.

Schladerer has its origin in the little town of Staufen in Germany's historic Black Forest, and is still family-owned. By adhering to traditional values of responsibility and commitment, Schladerer captures the flavor of ripe cherries, raspberries, and Williams pears to produce exciting digestifs. The ripeness and high quality of Schladerer's fruit creates the basis for a good distillate.



Cultivated in the foothill zone of the Black Forest at heights of 200-300m

The Kirschwasser is distilled from sweet cherries from the foothills of the Black Forest. It has a fruit-forward cherry taste, paired with delicate almond nuances. ABV: 42%
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Pears from the Black Forest, France & Italy

Harvested shortly before changing color from green to yellow or red, pears are generally mashed 3-4 days after they arrives. ABV: 42%
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These tiny, aromatic fruits are from the heights of the Carpathian Mountains

Schladerer Himbeergeist is distilled from ripe wild raspberries. The berries are harvested by hand and then cooled immediately, giving the berries a unique taste. ABV: 42%
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Cherry Liqueur

Schladerer brandy base with the addition of pure cane sugar & natural cherry fruit juice

The Edel-Kirsch is made by adding a Schladerer brandy base to a mixture of pure cane sugar and Black Forest cherry fruit juice. ABV: 24%
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Raspberry Liqueur

Schladerer brandy base with the addition of pure cane sugar & natural raspberry fruit juice

Schladerer Himbeer is made with hand-picked forest raspberries from the Carpathians, giving it a pure raspberry taste. ABV: 24%
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