Akashi-Tai - Marussia Beverages USA

Akashi Sake Brewery is a small artisanal sake producer based in Akashi city, a fishing town in Hyogo prefecture in Western Japan. Hyogo is the traditional sake brewing capital of Japan, known for the best sake rice and pure water.

The signature range Akashi-Tai is true artisan sake, handmade in small batches by the Togi (or master brewer) Kimio Yonezawa and his close team of trusted craftsmen.

The sake is brewed using traditional methods, and only with the highest quality, locally produced ingredients.

Rice – and a deep understanding of every aspect of it.

The Toji Kimio Yonezewa is obsessed with retaining as much of the character of the rice varieties we use as possible. To achieve this goal, to find the true soul of the rice, he goes to great lengths and respects the most elaborate details.

He treats the rice with respect, uses the right water, and knows which variety to use at each stage of the process. He is meticulous and does not cut corners. For example, in their Daiginjos, Yonezewa and his craftsmen use 100% Hyogo Yamada-Nishiki both for Koji and for mashing, not just where they think it will be noticed most.

They brew using traditional methods – But traditional doesn't mean closed-minded, conservative, or anti-progressive.

The way to truly respect tradition is to keep it alive. To do that, Yonezewa and his craftsmen question and challenge antiquated methods. This requires strength of character to follow their own path, coupled with a profound respect for centuries of tradition and craft. Today's innovations are tomorrow's traditions.

"My mission is to make sake with character. Joyfully exuberant, generous and open-hearted sake.

Sake with depth, with flavour and aroma that lingers, enough to silence the table as that flavour keeps developing. Sake that can reveal the character of Hyogo’s water, rice and yeasts, among the finest in Japan, and really let them shine. Sake that makes every gathering a celebration of the simple joy of a shared meal. Sake that will pair up with your favourite food and dance.

Because I live for that magical moment when food and sake become one, and both are amplified. The food reveals hidden depths in the sake, and the sake lingers and prolongs the pleasure of the meal.”