Mossburn - Marussia Beverages USA
The Mossburn Signature Casks range of whiskies showcase the typical characters of Scotland’s regional malts. They are classic expressions of their provenance, with further influence from the signature casks which were designed specifically to enhance the characteristics that are sought after in each of these exemplary malts.

These whiskies were first aged in American Oak barrels prior to their initial blending, and were then matured for a second period in specially coopered custom-made Mossburn Casks. These casks were built to certain specifications, or Cask Bill, with each of the malts having its very own: Cask Bill #1 for the Island and Cask Bill #2 for the Speyside.

These Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies have been bottled without any colouring or chill filtration.
The Mossburn Vintage Casks range are a collection of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies each issuing from a strictly limited and select batch of casks. Each numbered release will only ever yield a finite number of bottles. While this means that the particular characters of these Single Malts will never be replicated, it also offers an opportunity to sample exceptional examples of whisky made by some of Scotland’s most distinguished distilleries.