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Larsen Aqua Agnis

Larsen Aqua Ignis comes from a small batch of fine-grain French oak casks with a capacity of 225L. Each cask is plunged into hot water then toasted over hot fire, three times. This technique releases the most complex and finest aromas from the wood while keeping out undesired smoky notes, tannins and acidity. Bottled at 42.3%, the result is a unique cognac with intense aromas of roasted mokka and vanilla and a silky finish. This Steam-Fire Process is unprecedented and legally protected. It makes Larsen Aqua Ignis a cognac like no other, outside of the typical cognac categories. It is also what gives it its name: “water” (aqua) and “fire” (ignis) in Latin, or the combination of water and fire, pushed to their limits.

ABV: 42.3%