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Founded in 1842, Schlumberger is the oldest and most tradition-conscious producer of sparkling wine in Austria. Every bottle is produced according to The Methode Traditionelle, the classic champagne method.

11.5% ABV

Lenz Moser

Lenz Moser ensures that its wine originates only from Austrian terroirs by cooperating exclusively with Austrian winegrowers and wine-making collectives. Lenz Moser is truly Austria's wine.

11.5% ABV


Affentaler's unique monkey bottles have gained worldwide recognition. the Affentaler Pinot Noir and Riesling represent the beautiful Baden valley at the foothills of the Black Forest in Germany, where Affentaler grapes are harvested and bottled.

12.5% ABV

Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain is Affentaler's newest line. These unique wines have great quality for the value.

9.5% ABV


The tradition of these mulled wines comes from the Nürnberg Christkindl-Markt. The famous market is visited every year by millions of people.

12.5% ABV

Château Muhkrani

All Château Mukhrani wines are made from grapes harvested in their own vineyards. These fine wines showcase the best of Georgian winemaking.

12.5% ABV